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Idaho Concrete Raising is a locally owned and operated company serving Southern Idaho since 1999.

We specialize in the raising and leveling of settled concrete in residential and commercial properties. Concrete raising, slab jacking, and mud jacking are some of the terms used to describe concrete leveling.

Concrete raising is a procedure that evens out or levels sunken concrete walks, driveways, garage floors, garage aprons, porches, patios, steps, fills voids, etc., by drilling a series of holes and raising it hydraulically with a pre-measured sand slurry then patching the holes. Raising sunken concrete is an efficient and better alternative to replacing concrete at less than half the cost; plus new concrete never matches aged concrete. Most jobs can be done in less than half a day and the concrete is typically ready for use immediately with little or no impact to landscaping. Re-pouring can take weeks while generating unnecessary mess, waste, and expenses.

• Concrete raising does not eliminate surface cracks; just evens them up.

• It is recommended that surface cracks be sealed after raising. It is important to stop water from getting under slabs which can lead to erosion and/or frost heaves that can damage your concrete.

• 4 to 5 weeks after concrete raising, patched drill holes that are not blending with existing concrete can be buffed with a “concrete rubbing brick” to blend. “Concrete rubbing bricks” can be found in most local hardware stores in the concrete section.

• Voids under concrete due to settling, erosion or animals can also be filled to insure the integrity and life span of the concrete.

• “1” cubic foot of concrete weighs 150 pounds, a 6'x6'x4" slab weighs about 1,800 Pounds.

• Sunken concrete won’t fix itself. The cost of concrete raising to correct tripping hazards is much less than the cost of lawsuits from trips and falls which could also affect your insurance rates.


Our products are good for the environment with no waste; wallet and planet friendly!!!!!!

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